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Perl module to generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution
 Module::CPANTS::Analyse is a utility module used by Test::Kwalitee and others
 to analyse CPAN distributions and determine their Kwalitee. Kwalitee is a set
 of software metrics useful for determine how good your software is; it's not
 true software quality, which your computer can't measure in a general sense.
 (If you can, you've solved a hard problem in computer science.)
 Kwalitee looks like quality, sounds like quality, but it's not quite quality.
 If you plan to release a distribution to the CPAN -- or even within your own
 organization -- testing its Kwalitee before creating a release can help you
 improve your quality as well.
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Changes: libmodule-cpants-analyse-perl (0.85+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial Release. (Closes: #525300)

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