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Lanation of These--The Symbolic Flint Stone--Michabo Destroys the
Serpent King--Meaning of this Myth--Relations of the Light-God and
Wind-God--Michabo as God of Waters and Fertility--Represented as a
Bearded Man. Sec.2. _The Iroquois Myth of Ioskeha._ The Creation of the
Earth--The Miraculous Birth of Ioskeha--He Overcomes his Brother
Tawiscara--Creates and Teaches Mankind--Visits his People--His
Grandmother Ataensic--Ioskeha as Father of his Mother--Similar
Conceptions in Egyptian Myths--Derivation of Ioskeha and
Ataensic--Ioskeha as Tharonhiawakon, the Sky Supporter--His Brother
Tawiscara or Tehotennhiaron Identified--Similarity to Algonkin Myths.
Antagonists._ The Contest of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca--Quetzalcoatl
the Light-God--Derivation of His Name--Titles of
Tezcatlipoca--Identified with Darkness, Night and Gloom. Sec.2.
_Quetzalcoatl the God._ Myth of the Four Brothers--The Four Suns and the
Elemental Conflict--Names of the Four Brothers. Sec.3. _Quetzalcoatl the
Hero of Tula._ Tula, the City of the Sun--Who were the
Toltecs?--Tlapallan and Xalac--The Birth of the Hero God--His Virgin
Mother Chimalmatl--His Miraculous Conception--Aztlan, the Land of Seven
Caves, and Colhuacan, the Bended Mount--The Maid Xochitl and the Rose
Garden of the Gods--Quetzalcoatl as the White and Bearded Stranger. The
Glory of the Lord of Tula--The Subtlety of the Sorcerer
Tezcatlipoca--The Magic Mirror and the Mystic Draught--The Myth
Explained--The Promise of Rejuvenation--The Toveyo and the Maiden--The
Juggleries of Tezcatlipoca--Departure of Quetzalcoatl from
Tula--Quetzalcoatl at Cholula--His Death or Departure--The Celestial
Game o
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