Bug#535957: clive: --format switch doesn't work anymore

Gerfried Fuchs rhonda at deb.at
Mon Jul 13 09:32:42 UTC 2009

* Toni Gundogdu <legatvs at gmail.com> [2009-07-11 13:09:15 CEST]:
> > [...] clive doesn't even be able anymore to download mp4 files
> > from youtube. [...]
> You did not give any examples so I'm assuming you did not
> try "-f fmt18".

 No, I didn't, I used the old options and also the documented parts in
the example config file.

 When I did try -f fmt18 it worked, also with -f best -- both did get me
mp4. Why doesn't -f mp4 give me mp4 anymore?

> Note that fmt18 (mp4) may not always be available for reasons
> unknown to me. All of the hosts and the formats that they support
> are covered in the FORMATS section of the manual page.

 It's one thing that they aren't always available, it's a completely
different thing that -f mp4 simply stopped working where -f best or -f
fmt18 still does get me mp4 files.

 Sorry, I can just encourage everyone to switch to a different product
than clive -- this ever changing thing with every single release and
being incompatible with every version before is just getting annoying.

> I also recommend reading the change log from time to time.

 For every single update? Sorry, that's extremely inconvenient and I'd
even say ridiculous. No single other tool or package does change that
much with every single version, I spot regressions in every update that
happened in the last months, which just is too much for a sensible tool.

 Sorry, extremely disappointed to the end.

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