the merge of 'perl-modules' to 'perl' is planned

Eugene V. Lyubimkin jackyf at
Thu Oct 22 20:13:20 UTC 2009

Hello members of Debian Perl Group,

[please keep CC on replies if any]

The binary package 'perl-modules' is planned to be merged into 'perl' binary
package in the near future, firstly leaving 'perl-modules' as an empty package
(dependent on 'perl') to not make the mass breakage in a shot. However, it
would be good to remove the 'perl-modules' entirely before Squeeze, or at
least leave as minimum as possible perl modules (build)-depending on
'perl-modules'. Considering the big number of Perl modules are maintained
under pkg-perl umbrella or by members of pkg-perl party I am ask to substitute
depends and build-depends on 'perl-modules' to 'perl' for all future uploads.

On behalf of the Perl maintainers team,
Eugene V. Lyubimkin aka JackYF, JID: jackyf.devel(maildog)
C++/Perl developer, Debian Developer

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