Jose Luis Martínez Torres joseluis.martinez at
Wed Jul 14 22:50:11 UTC 2010


	I'm Jose Luis Martinez (JLMARTIN from CPAN). I'm now co-maint for Catalyst::Plugin::XMLRPC. This plugin was in the Etch and Lenny libcatalyst-modules-perl, but not in squeeze, I suppose because it was broken with Catalyst 5.8.

	I wanted to inform that this plugin is now running under a devel environment with Debian squeeze, so feel free to repackage it in libcatalyst-modules-perl, or as I read in the bugs database, package it separately. I think it would be good to include it so users have a clean upgrade path when going from Lenny to Squeeze.

Best Regards,

Jose Luís Martínez 
jlmartinez at 

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