Bug#450663: pump fails when locale is not english

CyberDomovoy cd at domovoynet.org
Thu Feb 3 21:24:11 UTC 2011

This bug is old, but i have the problem too.

$IPC::Run::VERSION == '0.89'

OS: debian squeeze.

I installed IPC::Run with cpan.

running something like this:

my @command = ("sfdisk", ...);
my $command_out = '';
my $command_in;
my $command_h = start \@command, '<pty<', \$command_in, '>pty>',

while(pump $command_h) {
    # Do some stuff with sfdisk


When using my default locale (fr_FR.UTF8), i get this error: 'ack Erreur
d'entrée/sortie: read( 4 ) at /usr/share/perl5/IPC/Run/IO.pm line 558'
When setting LC_ALL=POSIX, everything goes well.
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