Bug#609845: huge memory leak when syncing large mailboxes

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Thu Jan 13 01:03:57 UTC 2011


On 13.01.2011 01:42, Gilles LAMIRAL wrote:
> Hello Michael,
>> I've been trying to sync a larger IMAP mailbox (~6Gb including all
>> folders) and imapsync constantly gets terminated by the kernel
>> OOM-killer because it takes up all available memory (1024 mb).
> This maybe a well known problem coming directly from libmail-imapclient-perl.
> The problem doesn't come with large mailbox but with large messages.
> imapsync uses memory nearly 17 times the largest message size.
> There is also an old memory issue on freebsd systems.
>> This makes imapsync basically useless for me, so I was tempted to file
>> with severity grave.
> Ok. You can "fix" this with
>    --maxsize 10000000 --useheader Message-Id
> or by buying a better tool or RAM or by fixing this memory problem,
> it is not a leak issue, the code written in Mail::IMAPClient
> does allocate inefficiently objects.

Thanks for the hints, I'll try them next time.
As the memory usage constantly grew before imapsync getting killed, I assumed it
was a mem-leak. I'm sorry if this assumption was wrong.

Given your comments, this means I probably have an email which is bigger than 60Mb.
As you say this is an issue in Mail:IMAPClient, I guess this bug should be
re-assigned to libmail-imapclient-perl?
Or can imapsync workaround this limitation in Mail:IMAPClient somehow?

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