Bug#664546: shows highscore only a second

Martin Zobel-Helas zobel at ftbfs.de
Wed Mar 28 20:59:57 UTC 2012


On Mon Mar 19, 2012 at 22:38:29 +0100, Dominique Dumont wrote:
> Le Sunday 18 March 2012 17:09:15, Martin Zobel-Helas a écrit :
> > The highscores are shown on my laptop only for a moment (which feels
> > like less than a second). After that it again shows the main menu. This
> > is a bit anoying, as i didn't managed to compare my highscoure to
> > earlier highscores i had. First i thought i am touching any key on the
> > keyboard, but i checked, i did not. I quit the game, restarted and tried
> > again, this bug is reproducable for me.
> I've a similar arch (4 core amd64) but I cannot reproduce this bug. Hi score 
> is displayed until I hit 'ESC'.
> > If you need any more input from me, just ask.
> Hmm, just a hunch... Could you move out your ~/.frozen-bubble directory and 
> retry ?

i think i can reproduce this now. It seems to happen to me when
frozen-bubble is not able to play sound properly. Everytime i have sound
problems with frozen-bubble, this bug seems to happen to me.

Maybe that helps.

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