[Pkg-phototools-devel] Some discussion about guidelines

Cyril Brulebois cyril.brulebois at enst-bretagne.fr
Tue Dec 25 21:18:54 UTC 2007

Or we could simply call that policy. :-)

Sebastian thought about the following items, find below questions and
answers from both of us.

About patching:
 1. Everybody just commit to the shared Git repository.
 2. Like 1. but the -devel list should be contacted before doing large
 3. The primary contact commits to the repo only - everyone else uses

Sebastian and I prefer 2. I'd add that before applying a series of
patches (because one is unsure, and wants to check other's opinions),
one has the following options to ask for a review:
 - send the patches to the -devel list calling for comments ([RFC] tags
   in the subject, for example);
 - push a branch to a temporary location (e.g. alioth:~/public_git).

About uploading:
 1. Everyone uploads any package when he thinks it's ready.
 2. In general only the primary contact uploads packages — team members
	upload after contacting the -devel list and waiting for the primary
	contact to agree for an appropriate time (where “appropriate”
	depends on the urgency of the upload).

Sebastian and I prefer 2. as well. Of course, poking the primary contact
when one thinks a package is ready (because an important fix has been
pushed), is probably the way to go.

About being VAC:
Since everyone is sometimes busy as hell, leaving a [VAC] message on the
list with a few instructions of what (not) to do would be appreciated.
Basically something like “I was doing this and that on this package, and
if you're going to finish it, don't ever do this because of that”.
Hopefully, debian/TODO should be an efficient means of communicating
about TODO items. ;-)

About Uploaders:
<tokkee> Do you think, “Uploaders:” should contain all of us or just the
         people really working on that package?
<KiBi>   2/
<KiBi>   Just add people when needed (when a bunch of commits happened,
		 and when that person prepares the upload, e.g. when uploading
		 while the main responsible is VAC)
<tokkee> Nice, then we agree on that as well :-)


Post-commit hook:
Sebastian also proposed to use a post-commit hook to mail the diffs to a
-commits list (he requested its creating), to ease peer-review. I guess
that a symlink to a hook located under /home/groups/pkg-phototools/hooks
should do.

Shall we also have a crontab to check whether each repository under
/org/git.debian.org/git/pkg-phototools contains a link to that hook and
add it/mail the list if that's not the case?

I think I'm done for now, feedback welcome as usual. Once this is
discussed/agreed upon, website.git would have to be updated.


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