[Pkg-phototools-devel] libpano/qtpfsgui/libpuzzle status, additional package/member

Cyril Brulebois cyril.brulebois at enst-bretagne.fr
Tue Dec 25 20:33:29 UTC 2007



I'm currently working a bit on libpano13, since it is needed for later
version of hugin (current hugin is packaged in the experimental branch
of hugin.git). Build-time is still OK with libpano12, but it fails at
run-time, since it tries to dlopen() libpano13.

Since I feel that libpano12 and libpano13, although they are different
source packages, are quite close, it seems to me that we could just keep
both in the same git repository, using:

Using libpano12/$version-$revision as tags should do the job.

I've done so until now in pkg-phototools/libpano.git, but I'd like to
know whether some of you feel that I should do that another way, and in
this case, which one? :-)

I'll document this special case if no opposition is stated.


1.9.x is packaged in my local repository, I'm just waiting for upstream
to state whether it should replace 1.8.x in unstable, or whether I
should first push that to experimental before merging branches and
pushing to alioth. The last upload contains a bug (fixed in git) WRT the
help stuff accessible from within the program, but I'd like to get it
built everywhere for now, so that later builds go faster (since it is
still extra:uncompiled on a bunch of architectures, and low in the queue


Waiting for some answers from upstream before eventually renaming the
binary package (from libpuzzle-bin to puzzle-diff, since it *might* only
contain a binary, having a more straightforward package name would be


While having a look at the libpano13 ITP, I noticed that Bernd Zeimetz
(bzed) was speaking about clens. I've pinged him some hours ago, he said
he could package it by himself, so I proposed him to do so within the
group, which he sort of liked; mailing the team to keep track of that.



Cyril Brulebois
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