[Pkg-phototools-devel] qtpfsgui architecture: random ideas

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Tue Feb 5 18:13:40 UTC 2008

Hi Giuseppe,

(Cc'ing pkg-phototools-devel, please keep the list in Cc when replying.)

Disclaimer: I did not have a look at the source code so far, nor did I
use qtpfsgui very often yet. ;-)

I was wondering how the general architecture of qtpfsgui looks like.
I.e.: How does it access the functionality provided by pfstools and
pfstmo? How does it exchange data between different parts of the
program? Giuseppe, could you please provide a very simple overview? I'd
really appreciate that.

The main reason for asking: IIrc, you reuse / modify the code of
pfstools and pfstmo to generate one large, monolithic binary. That would
mean that basically all of the code gets duplicated - including any bugs
- which makes maintenance twice as much work. Now, I was wondering if it
would be possible to use the pfstool / pfstmo binaries directly - i.e.
do fork() and exec() from qtpfsgui. qtpfsgui itself would just need to
be the glue to keep it all together and probably take care of some
temporary files. Does that sound reasonable to you? That way, qtpfsgui
would automatically benefit from any improvements, bugfixes, etc. of
pfstools and pfstmo.

If you're doing some custom modifications to the PFS stream, it could be
replaced by writing another PFS-tool to do that job - which could be
included either in pfstools, if upstream agrees, or qtpfsgui.

This is not meant to be any form of criticism - it's just some ideas
that came to my mind and that I'd like to discuss :-)


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