[Pkg-phototools-devel] [hugin-ptx] Re: Whether to release hugin in Debian stable?

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Tue Jul 22 17:38:53 UTC 2008


On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 04:26:26PM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Bruno Postle <bruno at postle.net> (21/07/2008):
> > enblend CVS is actually very stable and still supports everything that
> > enblend-3.0 did.  Would it help if enblend-3.1 was released soon?

So, what's the reason why it has not been released so far? This kinda
sounds like doing the release in a hurry just to get it in time for
Lenny, which would be a rather bad thing.

Imho, the worst thing that could happen is to get enblend 3.1 into
unstable before the freeze so it will eventually migrate to testing /
Lenny and _then_ realize that there are still some major bugs that
cannot be resolved before Lenny. In that case, enblend would be removed
from Lenny and we would release without it (as we could not "drop back"
to 3.0).

> And maybe, if release managers accept it, enblend 3.1 could be granted a
> freeze exception, which would mean that hugin eventually has a chance to
> migrate as well to testing, and then to be released with lenny.

Iff we get a 3.1 package into unstable before the weekend, it would
still make it into Lenny. I really doubt that we'd get a freeze
exception if we upload after the Freeze.

> Summarizing, releasing enblend 3.1 those very days would:
>  - put a bit of pressure on Sebastian's shoulders;

If it would be released within the next few days, I'm pretty sure that I
_could_ finish the package before the Freeze. However, as stated above,
I'm quite uncertain that this is a good idea.

Just to make things clear: I would really love to see enblend 3.1 +
hugin 0.7 in Lenny but given the really short amount of time that is
left to get things right I think it would be better to ship a fairly
well tested enblend 3.0 + hugin 0.6 and make 3.1 + 0.7 available thru
backports.org after the remaining issues (which includes more than just
a few days of testing) have been settled.


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