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Wed Mar 19 11:47:13 UTC 2008

(new) libopenjpeg-dev_1.3+dfsg-1_amd64.deb extra libdevel
development files for libopenjpeg2, a JPEG 2000 image library
 Libopenjpeg2 is a library for handling the JPEG 2000 image compression format.
 JPEG 2000 is a wavelet-based image compression standard and permits progressive
 transmission by pixel and resolution accuracy for progressive downloads of an
 encoded image. It supports lossless and lossy compression, supports higher
 compression than JPEG 1991, and has resilience to errors in the image.
(new) libopenjpeg2-dbg_1.3+dfsg-1_amd64.deb extra libdevel
debug symbols for libopenjpeg2, a JPEG 2000 image library
 This package contains the debug symbols to match the runtime component of the
 libopenjpeg2 library, allowing debugging of a program using libopenjpeg2 to
 access debugging details within the library itself.
(new) libopenjpeg2_1.3+dfsg-1_amd64.deb extra libs
JPEG 2000 image compression/decompression library
 Libopenjpeg2 is a library for handling the JPEG 2000 image compression format.
(new) openjpeg-tools_1.3+dfsg-1_amd64.deb extra graphics
command-line tools using the JPEG 2000 library
 This package provides with command-line tools allowing for conversions between
 several formats:
  - j2k_to_image: decodes j2k, jp2, and jpt files to pgm, ppm, pnm,
                  pgx, and bmp.
  - image_to_j2k: encodes pnm, pgm, pgx, bmp, and ppm files to j2k,
                  and jp2.
  - index_create: create jp2 with JPIP index file from a j2k file.
(new) openjpeg_1.3+dfsg-1.diff.gz extra libs
(new) openjpeg_1.3+dfsg-1.dsc extra libs
(new) openjpeg_1.3+dfsg.orig.tar.gz extra libs
Changes: openjpeg (1.3+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Cyril Brulebois ]
  * Remove leftover codec/{image_to_j2k, j2k_to_image} in the clean
    target (fix double-build failure)
  * Indent list in the long description (per lintian)
  * Replace XS-Vcs-{Svn, Browser} with Vcs-{Git, Browser}
  * Nuke trailing whitespaces.
  * Rephrase descriptions.
  * Remove remaining trailing whitespaces.
  * Use “$(MAKE) dist” instead of “make dist”.
  * Move .PHONY and .SUFFIXES to the bottom.
  * Use an include of dpatch.make instead of defining the rules
  * Remove unneeded get-orig-source target and the mode line.
  * Try and adjust permissions during “clean” since upstream ships
    everything with a+x.
  * Rename manpages to build-manpages, adjust .PHONY.
  * Remove extra (no longer needed with recent dpkg-dev versions) -L and
    -l flags from dh_shlibdeps.
  * Nuke trailing whitespaces in copyright file.
  * Document in debian/TODO that the hardcoded shared object symlinks is a
    target for further uploads.
  [ Robin Cornelius ]
  * Build codec tools against system libtiff headers.
  * Remove non-dfsg files from package and edit copyright and README.Debian to
    document changes and removals.
  * Tidy up control file package descriptions and use soname in -dbg
  * Do not keep upstream source in our git tree. We should use a get-
  * Apply Cyril Brulebois' suggestion for watchfile regex.
  * Update debian/rules. Note get-orig-source needs further work.
  * Change maintainer address to be the group address.
  * Fix build warning, add final new line to debian/watch.
  * Fix lintian warnings due to different email address in changelog and
  * In debian/rules clean target, use dh_clean to remove all files,
    don't use rm
  * Update debian/copyright as I have made changes in 2008.
  * Switch from txt2man to perlpod:
     - txt2man is buggy and generates incorrectly formatted man pages
     - Remove it from Build-Depends.
     - Use perlpod manpages (debian/*.pod).
     - Generate manpages during the build through pod2man.
     - Delete them through dh_clean.

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