[Pkg-phototools-devel] Bug#738655: Update to OpenJPEG 2.0

Landry Breuil breuil at craig.fr
Tue Feb 11 15:56:49 UTC 2014

Package: openjpeg
Version: 2.0.0

I've the need for OpenJPEG 2.0 for GDAL, so i've prepared a rough
update for the package - i had to disable the java parts, some stuff is 
a bit hackish (fakeroot debian/rules binary works, git-buildpackage 
fails horribly) but it could be used as a starting point if anyone needs it.
Oh, and since it's an ABI break, it'll probably need to go into a 
transition period..

Everything is at https://github.com/landryb/debian-pkg-openjpeg, forked 
from  git://git.debian.org/pkg-phototools/openjpeg.git


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