[Pkg-phototools-devel] Bug#760096: Bug#760096: Acknowledgement (gphoto2: Fails to initialize CanonPowerShot G5 after upgrade from stable)

Herbert Fortes hpfn at ig.com.br
Tue Jul 26 14:04:30 UTC 2016

Hi Helge,

Thanks to stopping by.

Em Ter, 2016-07-26 às 12:13 +0200, Helge Kreutzmann escreveu:
> Hello,
> my stable machine died and I set up a testing machine having version
> 2.5.10-1.
> However, gphoto2 does work even less: now the camera is not detected.
> When I plug it in, I see (in /var/log/syslog):
> Jul 26 12:09:21 samd kernel: [11905.608945] usb 11-3: new full-speed USB device number 3 using ohci-pci
> Jul 26 12:09:22 samd kernel: [11905.780175] usb 11-3: New USB device found, idVendor=04a9, idProduct=3085
> Jul 26 12:09:22 samd kernel: [11905.780182] usb 11-3: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
> Jul 26 12:09:22 samd kernel: [11905.780187] usb 11-3: Product: Canon Digital Camera
> Jul 26 12:09:22 samd kernel: [11905.780191] usb 11-3: Manufacturer: Canon Inc.
> Jul 26 12:09:22 samd mtp-probe: checking bus 11, device 3: "/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:16.0/usb11/11-3"
> Jul 26 12:09:22 samd mtp-probe: bus: 11, device: 3 was not an MTP device
> However, gphoto2 does not see it, running
> env LANG=C gphoto2 --debug --debug-logfile=my-logfile.txt -L
> yields:
> *** Fehler ***
> Konnte keine Kamera finden
> *** Fehler (-105: »Unbekanntes Modell«) ***
> (In english: Error, could not find a camera, error (-104, "unknown model")).
> It worked in 2.4.x, however, I'm no longer able to (trivially) forward port 
> this version :-((
> The log file is attached, any idea how to rectify this greatly
> appreciated.

A quick 'grep' shows that the camera is supported:
./libgphoto2/camlibs/canon/doc/Protocol.xml:            <row><entry>PowerShot G5</entry><entry>02-May-03</entry><entry>yes</entry></row>
./libgphoto2/camlibs/canon/doc/Protocol.xml:	  as the product ID, which is correct for the PowerShot G5.</para>
./libgphoto2/camlibs/canon/canon.c:        {"Canon:PowerShot G5 (normal mode)", CANON_CLASS_5,     0x04A9, 0x3085, CAP_SUP, SL_MOVIE_LARGE, SL_THUMB, SL_PICTURE, NULL},
./libgphoto2/camlibs/ptp2/library.c:	{"Canon:PowerShot G5 (PTP mode)",       0x04a9, 0x3085, PTPBUG_DELETE_SENDS_EVENT|PTP_CAP|PTP_CAP_PREVIEW},

Can you tell me which mode (normal/PTP) did you use ? 

Can you set '--camera MODEL' and see what happens ? It 
will necessary to use '--port' too. 

"--list-cameras" (List supported camera models.) and
"--list-ports" (List supported port devices) can be
a help.

-- Herbert Parentes Fortes Neto (hpfn)
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