[Pkg-phototools-devel] Bug#825907: Remove OpenJPEG 1.5 from Debian archive

Mathieu Malaterre malat at debian.org
Tue May 31 09:52:42 UTC 2016

Package: src:openjpeg
Version: 1:1.5.2-3.1
Severity: important

As noticed previously [*], OpenJPEG 1.5.x and 2.x have different API
(and ABI). This would not be an issue unless they actually did share a
common set of symbols, which means we will get undefined behavior when
an application would load in memory both OPJ 1.5
and 2.x.

This is thus a desired goal (for stretch?) to have OpenJPEG 1.5.x
removed from Debian archive. Or at least only provide OPJ 1.5.x as
static library to reduce the risk.

I'll open bugs in each package(s) using the legacy OPJ 1.5.x API.

[*] https://bugs.debian.org/825307#10

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