[Pkg-phototools-devel] GOD has done it: Contact the bank secretary for your compensation.

M-O Company Ltd.South Korea man_cheers36 at yahoo.com.my
Sat Jan 28 11:06:19 UTC 2017

Dear Friend And Partner,
GOD has done it for me with the new partner i contacted.

I hope you are fine over there in your country. I have waited to hear from you about the transaction business but did not heard anything from you again maybe you are too busy. The total funds has been transferred out of our bank to the new partner from South Korea Account, Now I am in South Korea with my new partner who help me finalize everything about the transaction. But did not forget your passed effort attempt to help me when transferring those funds abroad, despised it failed us somehow, Therefore i deposited the total sum of $1,860.000 ( One Million Eight Hundred And Sixty Thousand United State Dollars), that's the ten [10] percent of the total money i received with the new partner, The money is for you in the Coris Bank International under my secretary care Mrs.Loyce Nne email ( loycenne at outlook.com ) therefore contact Mrs. Loyce Nne immediately via her email address so that she  will direct you how to receive the funds. If you want you can receive it by ATM debit Card or you can receive it into your bank account in your country or in any bank of your choice, so feel free to contact my secretary Mrs. Loyce Nne, for i have gave her instruction to send the funds to you as soon as you contact her, please give some part of this funds to the motherless babies and widowers in your country.

Best Regards,
Mr. Mark Oudragό.
M-O Company Ltd South Korea

NB: NOTE, I will not be checking my email because i am too bussy here now in south Korea, I have instructed my secretary to direct you how to receive the funds, so feel free to get in touch with Mrs. Loyce Nne for she will send the amount to you without any delay.

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