[Pkg-phototools-devel] hugin/2019.0.0+dfsg-2 debian sid/testing crashing on start (amd64 as well x86/32bit)

Carsten Wolf x at 1u6.org
Sun Sep 8 11:04:06 BST 2019

greetings to the debian maintainers of package hugin,

thank you for doing this job. while starting hugin coming directly as a 
package from debian repository - hugin crashed. analysed behaviour 
with someone from hugin-dev-team. since debian basic distribution changes 
xserver from xorg to xwayland an option has to be set at compile time.

forwarding relevant parts of the conversation:
> So this should be reported to Debian, which should adopt their build 
> process by adding -DUSE_GDKBACKEND_X11=on to the CMake command.

> This is also mentioned in the release notes:

> Known issues

> Hugin does not run native on Wayland because of a bug in the underlying 
> wxWidgets library. The source code contains a workaround which forces 
> the usage of the XWayland emulation layer. This workaround has be 
> activated during compiling by adding -DUSE_GDKBACKEND_X11=on to the 
> CMake command line.

sorry for inconvenience - best regards
carsten :)

echo '118sd[q]sa74967291083970656100331110sn[ln0=alnld%Plnld/snlbx]sblbxq'|dc

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