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John Black noreply at notthistime.com
Sat Sep 14 18:07:11 BST 2019

Your spouse is cheating on you, I have the evidence. Read this untill the end.
You may wondering what is with this email, let me explain. I make money online by getting unauthorised access to computers and phones around the world and I collect some specific data that people may be interested on, for example secrets, accounts, passwords and so on.
I have infected your computer, and all devices connected on the network, I can turn on cameras, I can disable the notification LED when a camera goes on, I can do so many things... BUT what is important is I have some print screens, messages and recorded calls that you for sure will be interested in, regarding your spouse.
In order to receive the information that you will want you have to pay me 900$ in Bitcoins.

So my guess is that you never used Bitcoin. You can Google Paxful, there you can buy Bitcoins Online OR you can use a  Bitcoin ATM, just Google 'Bitcoin ATM locations'.
Bitcoin works similar to Online Banking, you create/open a wallet, you will get an Bitcoin address where you can receive coins, then you exchange real money in Bitcoins, and then from your wallet you send to my address, just like banking, you send from an account to another one.
You can also use Google or YouTube to learn how to use it, just look for 'how to use Bitcoin', 'how to buy Bitcoin'... and so on.

Amount: 900$ = 0.09 BTC(approximately).
My Bitcoin Address: 1-6-5-v-X-Y-y-v-b-g-R-N-e-X-m-v-8-2-C-F-c-9-j-g-k-L-i-d-d-b-K-J-V-2

#1 My Bitcoin Address is CaSe SeNsItIvE.
#2 I want you to copy my Bitcoin Address somewhere safe on your computer using Copy+Paste.
#3 Remove manually all the lines from my Bitcoin Address, but BE CAREFUL to NOT delete any other character, REMOVE ONLY the lines and the result AFTER REMOVING all the lines is ACTUALLY my Bitcoin Address, SAVE that and use that when you send me the coins.

The value of 900$ in Bitcoins means about 0.09 BTC so I will expect the amount you will send me to be somewhere there, it does not have to be EXACTLY 0.09 BTC.
So after you send me the coins, you will receive an email on this email with an attachment with all the files that you are interested almost immediately. I have some servers from China that will check my BTC address every 5 seconds and once the coins will be sent, you will get automatically an email with the files AND the necessary information on how to get rid of the virus from your network.

Nothing personal... just business.

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