[pkg-php-pear] Packaging Net:NNTP

Jan-Pascal van Best janpascal at vanbest.org
Mon Aug 15 06:48:18 UTC 2011

On Mon, August 15, 2011 04:07, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> You don't need the versionned dependency of pkg-php-tools, because there
> is only one version available in Debian, which is the one you are
> depending on. So just "Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 8), pkg-php-tools"
> is ok.

> On the resulting package, you do not appear as uploader. That might be
> an issue with php-pkg-tools (which is very new).
Maybe, but I've checked another (non-php-pkg-tools) package for which I am
in Uploaders in the source control file. In that package (liblucene2-java)
the Uploaders field is also absent in the resulting .deb.

So, this seems OK.

> I don't think you need the debian/dirs file.
Removed. It had been added by dh-make-pear.

> Please remove the commented values in debian/control.
I've set the Homepage and Description manually, because the generated
homepage says 'http://pear.php.net/' which is almost useless, and the
generated short description says 'NNTP implementation' which doesn't
mention PHP nor PEAR.

> Otherwise, the package is now lintian clean (at least in Squeeze, I
> didn't test yet on SID, which has to be done before the upload), which
> is good.
It's also clean with lintian from sid.

I've uploaded a new release (candidate), the .dsc is at

Could you please have another look?

By the way, I've asked for inclusion in the pkg-php group on Alioth in
order to push my git tree to git/pkg-php/php-net-nntp, but I've had no
reaction up to now. Could one of you arrange that for me?



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