[pkg-php-pear] Fwd: Re: Packaging Net:NNTP for Debian: small license issue

Jan-Pascal van Best janpascal at vanbest.org
Mon Aug 15 07:20:15 UTC 2011

Hi all,

php-net-nntp, which I'm packaging with help from Thomas, has a small
license 'issue'. The source for a demo site contains the following in
<div id="page-footer">
 <hr />

 <div class="copyright">
  Copyright © 2005 by Heino H. Gehlsen. All rights reserved.

 <div class="">


The rest of the package is obviously W3C licensed.

I've asked upstream about this. I'm forwarding his reply to the list so
you all know and for archiving. I guess the following reply makes it OK to
continue without the hassle of a separate dfsg source?

Thanks for your help,


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Subject: 	Re: Packaging Net:NNTP for Debian: small license issue
Date: 	Sat, 13 Aug 2011 17:40:00 +0200
From: 	Heino H. Gehlsen <heino at gehlsen.dk>
To: 	Jan-Pascal van Best <janpascal at vanbest.org>

Hi Jan-Pascal,

As a Debian user I find you request hard to reject ;-)

Would it be acceptable to just add the following to the current license

"This work is distributed under the W3C® Software License [1] in the hope
that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
which is used by W3C.

or perhaps a shorter and less legal version:

"This work is distributed under the <a
Software License</a> in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY of any kind."

I don't have the time for a package update/release at the moment, but for
now I'll happily promise you that there will be absolutely no objections
from me, should my contribution to PEAR end up as part of any free
software distribution. I therefor grant you and any present and future
Debian developer permission to redistribute any past, present or future
releases of the mentioned module containing modified versions of the
mentioned file and and any other file part of the demo. I even encourage
modifying or replacing the mentioned file so it somehow mentions the
Debian project.

Should you be interested I'll even grant you maintainer rights the the
module in PEAR…

Kind regards,
Heino H. Gehlsen

Den 12/08/2011 kl. 12.52 skrev Jan-Pascal van Best:

> Hi Heino,
> I'm packaging your Net:NNTP PEAR module for use in Debian. It's a
dependency of a web app I'm also packaging. While looking over the code
in Net:NNTP, I noticed that the file 'docs/examples/demo/footer.inc.php'
contains the fragment:
> <div class="copyright">
>  Copyright © 2005 by Heino H. Gehlsen. All rights reserved.
> </div>
> This would mean it would be impossible to distribute this file. Since
tha package is licensed under the W3C license, could you please change
the notice in footer.inc.php to mention the W3C or some open source
licence? That would help a lot in getting Net:NNTP into the Debian
> Kind regards,
> Jan-Pascal
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