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Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 10:34:27 UTC 2011

(To someone in the pkg-php-pear maint group:
I have seen that Net_SMTP 1.6 is already prepared in Debian's git. Can
someone upload? it is required by php-horde-kolab-webmail and
recommended for php-horde-mail.


2011/7/24 Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at horde.org>:
>>>> - recursive template (for debian/source/format and debian/patches)
> Implemented and pushed.

Thanks, it works great!

2011/7/24 Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at horde.org>:
>>>> - allow to apply several template folders (one generic and one specific)
> Implemented and pushed.
> The debian components.php helper will now use the recursive template
> directory handler for the indicated --templatedir TEMPLATEDIR (default
> "data/debian/templates" in components). Besides that it will check for the
> (e.g. "data/debian/templates-php-horde-exception" and
> "data/debian/templates-php-horde-exception-1.0.4"). If they are present then
> their content will also be used as a recursive template directory.
> "TEMPLATEDIR-PKG_NAME" will unconditionally overwrite stuff from
> "TEMPLATEDIR" if there are templates with the same file name present.
> "TEMPLATEDIR-PKG_NAME-PKG_VERSION" will then overwrite the other two as it
> is the most specific identifier.
> Both package specific variants can be symbolic links so it should also be
> possible to join template directories for several packages.
> Does that provide you with the possibilites you need for package specific
> templates or is something missing?

Thanks! This is perfect and more than I need now ;-)

2011/7/24 Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at horde.org>:
>> (I can build 123 packages from source. 20 others don't have
>> package.xml, and 4 have a package.xml which doesn't validate)
> Building from source is of course possible but is something that should in
> no way end up as "real" Debian package. If the Horde project didn't even
> package those up as PEAR packages yet, then Debian packages shouldn't exist
> either. Any package not available on pear.horde.org but present in git is a
> component that is purely in development. There are no guarantees for those
> and it wouldn't be good to torture users with them :)

Yes, but this is still good to know that all packages build (libs,
apps, bundles), except:
- those without package.xml
- those with invalid package.xml (hermes, kolab, koward)

2011/7/24 Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at horde.org>:(mail number 2)
> Hi Mathieu,
> Quoting Mathieu Parent <math.parent at gmail.com>:
>> ...
>> Some more patches (1 and 2 already submitted).
> Thanks! All pushed besides
> "0005-memcache-is-a-PHP-extension-mark-as-such.patch". I'm not deep enough
> in the memcache library to be 100% certain that it doesn't need the PECL
> memcache extension - which seems to be available standalone as well. Can you
> upload this to a standard Horde ticket? I assume Micheal Slusarz will answer
> it then.

Done. http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/10375

>> TODO list:
>> Missing dependencies:
>> [ ] php-net-dns2 (Net_DNS2) -> ITP /me
>> [ ] php-crypt-blowfish (Crypt_Blowfish) -> ITP /me
>> [ ] php-phpunit -> current name is phpunit /me
>> Conflicts:
>> [ ] php-horde-scribe, php-horde-thrift:
>> /usr/share/php/Horde/Thrift/thrift_root/packages/scribe/scribe_types.php
> Looks strange and I don't know the two packages well enough to provide an
> answer here. Chuck would know. But as Horde_Thrift has no release on
> pear.horde.org and didn't see any development lately I would leave it at
> that.

OK. I have created http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/10376.

>> (this prevents co-installation)
>> [/] php-horde, php-horde-nag, php-horde-imp:
>> /usr/share/horde4/.htaccess (waiting for patch 0004 approval)
> The files are necessary but I fixed the install paths which should fix it.


>> [/] php-horde-groupware, php-horde-webmail, php-horde-kolab-webmail:
>> /usr/share/horde4/lib/Bundle.php, see patch 0007
> Yes, Bundles are currently exclusive. Patch applied. There are two blockers
> until bundles could be made stackable but that is a different issue and will
> not be resolved in the near future.


I have attached a new pile of patches (patch 3 already discussed).

I have started to test, all packages installs correctly (appart from
Horde_Thrift, see #10376) when installing fake packages
"php-crypt-blowfish", "php-net-dns2" and "php-phpunit" (using equivs).

The interface works but I fail to connect to an IMAP server due to the
missing Crypt_Blowfish library. This is P1 on my TODO-list.

Also, the generated packages don't respect FHS because the config are
in /usr/share instead of /etc. This is P2.

I have seen that Net_SMTP version 1.6 is recommended/required: Why?

<<<<my TODO list
Packages not in Debian:
[ ] php-crypt-blowfish (Crypt_Blowfish), required
[ ] php-net-dns2 (Net_DNS2), optionnal

Package present but...:
[ ] php-phpunit: named phpunit
[ ] php-net-smtp: version 1.6 (Net_SMTP)

Other Debian TODOs:
[ ] config in /etc
[ ] Create ITPs
[ ] debian/copyright
[ ] Test
[ ] Upload to experimental

Perfectionist TODO:
[ ] File conflict between php-horde-scribe and php-horde-thrift

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