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Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 14:48:23 UTC 2011


2011/7/24 Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at horde.org>:
>> Yes, but this is still good to know that all packages build (libs,
>> apps, bundles), except:
>> - those without package.xml
>> - those with invalid package.xml (hermes, kolab, koward)
> True. And I assume there are packages which do not cleanly build if pulled
> from pear.horde.org at the moment.

How do you build from pear.horde.org (I use --allow-remote but there
is no download)?

> 1 + 2 pushed.

Thanks. See two more on the queue.

>> I have started to test, all packages installs correctly (appart from
>> Horde_Thrift, see #10376) when installing fake packages
>> "php-crypt-blowfish", "php-net-dns2" and "php-phpunit" (using equivs).
>> The interface works but I fail to connect to an IMAP server due to the
>> missing Crypt_Blowfish library. This is P1 on my TODO-list.
> Great, this sounds good.

This is now done, I will upload it soon.

>> Also, the generated packages don't respect FHS because the config are
>> in /usr/share instead of /etc. This is P2.
> What about the files in the "locale" path of the components? I assume there
> are rules for these files as well and Horde_Translation might not like
> having to work with a new location. This might result in a TODO on my side.

Yes, ".mo" usually goes in /usr/share/locale for Debian.

>> I have seen that Net_SMTP version 1.6 is recommended/required: Why?
> http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=10122

Okay, thanks.

> Another prefectionist item: Are there ways to include running the test suite
> during a package build (or for an installed package)?

Yes, test is automatically run by dh_auto_test, which calls "test" on
the discovered BuildSystem

We need to implement this test method. What should this method run?

Packages not in Debian:
[/] php-crypt-blowfish (Crypt_Blowfish), required
[ ] php-net-dns2 (Net_DNS2), optionnal

Package present but...:
[ ] php-phpunit: named phpunit
[ ] php-net-smtp: version 1.6 (Net_SMTP)

Other Debian TODOs:
[ ] config in /etc
[ ] translations in /usr/share/locale
[ ] Create ITPs
[ ] debian/copyright
[ ] Test
[ ] Upload to experimental

Perfectionist TODO:
[ ] File conflict between php-horde-scribe and php-horde-thrift
[ ] Run tests during build

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