[Pkg-php-pear] On PEAR packaging

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at horde.org
Tue Jun 7 07:42:50 UTC 2011

Hi Mathieu,

> Comments, suggestions, feedback ... ?

Works! ;)

At least to a large extent. Thanks for providing the build helper.

I generated a first set of Horde4 packages here:


These are not yet complete and installable. This is currently just a  
smoke test for the build machinery but it should evolve into something  
installable rather soon.

Feedback from this first build run:

  - I had a problem with the "download_dir" not being writeable and  
added '"-d", "download_dir=/tmp",' in the phppear.pm file. I still  
need to check why this happened.

  - Horde_Role: This package failed to build as '$pf =  
$pkg->fromAnyFile($packagefilename, PEAR_VALIDATE_NORMAL);' failed in  
phppkginfo. I believe '$pf = $pkg->fromAnyFile($packagefilename,  
PEAR_VALIDATE_DOWNLOADING);' is sufficient and fixed the problem here.

  - Files in "horde_dir": The purpose of Horde_Role is to add a new  
PEAR configuration variable "horde_dir". This one specifies the target  
location for files that need to be served by the web server. For now I  
hacked this by adding '"-d", "horde_dir=/usr/share/horde4",' in the  
phppear.pm file. Definitely not the way to solve the underlying  
problem and I assume the way how this might work on Debian still needs  

What is required to get this process moving along? So far both  
pkg-php-pear and pkg-horde-hackers have been very, very quiet.



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