[pkg-php-pear] php-invoker package

Sebastian Bergmann sebastian at phpunit.de
Sat Apr 28 12:26:41 UTC 2012

Am 28.04.2012 14:08, schrieb Thomas Goirand:
> I'm concerned by the fact that upstream author (eg: Sebastian Bergmann
> <sb at sebastian-bergmann.de>, which I Cc: in this mail) didn't reply to my
> mail. I would like to know if we need YAML from
> http://pear.symfony-project.com/ or from http://pear.symfony.com/, eg,
> can we use version 2.0.12 of the package or not. Do you know the answer
> to that?

 PHPUnit 3.6 (current stable series) requires the
 pear.symfony-project.com/YAML package ("old") whereas PHPUnit 3.7 (next
 release series, currently in development, master branch) requires the
 "new" pear.symfony.com/YAML package.

> Having an upstream with zero reply isn't very nice and not reassuring...
> Even a "hello I'm busy" would have been ok... :(

 This is the first time I hear about this.

 Hope that helps,

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