[pkg-php-pear] Offering you to work with the pkg-php-pear team, and work together!

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Sun Apr 29 15:46:09 UTC 2012

Hi Dario,

I've noticed that you are maintaining alone some PEAR packages. We are
trying to do team maintenance for all of the PEAR packages in the
archive. Have you ever considered joining the team?

You're already maintaining:
- php-cache
- php-net-ftp
- php-net-imap
- php-net-ipv6
- php-net-whois
- php-rrd
- php-validate
- php-xml-rpc2

And php-net-url2 is in NEW.

All of your packages but php-rrd are using CDBS. It'd be great if they
could use pkg-php-tools instead, which is made by Mathieu Parent
<sathieu at debian.org>, and is, IMO, better. Also, your Git is in
collab-maint, instead of /git/pkg-php.

So, would you consider joining the team, and collectively maintain these
PEAR pacakges? We'd be also very happy to have some help too. Having a
backup when someone isn't available is always a great thing.

I've also noticed (in fact checked...) that you are already a member of
the pkg-php team, with the PEAR packager rights on Alioth. So the only
thing you'd have to do would be to move all of your packages currently
in collab-maint to /git/pkg-php, and fix the Unix rights so that the git
repository would be owned by the correct group.

Last thing, we are currently packaging PHPUnit, in the hope to be able
to run the unit testings included in so many packages. For you, that
means that pkg-xml-rpc2, php-validate and php-rrd could be running unit
testings at build time, which would be a nice improvement, IMO.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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