[pkg-php-pear] Switching php-xml-parser to pkg-php-tools packaging

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Thu Feb 2 18:28:40 UTC 2012

Hi Thijs, and I hope Mathieu, if he has time to read,

I've been trying to switch php-xml-parser to use pkg-php-tools, like I
did with absolutely all the 23 PEAR packages that I maintain in the
PKG-PHP-PEAR team (some that I don't maintain in the team will probably
soon be switched to it). In the process, I've been switching it (eg:
php-xml-parser) to Git as well, since you said it wasn't an issue for
another PEAR stuff.

Anyway, the issue is that, with upstream package.xml, when I use
pkg-php-tools, nothing gets packaged at all, the resulting is an empty
Debian package.

while digging, it seems that the issue is in the package.xml file, which


that seem to break everything. When I remove it, then it seem working,
but then, Parser.php isn't in the correct folder, it goes in:


instead of:


I've been trying to patch the package.xml, but it didn't work either,
and I'm a bit lost on what should be done. I thought that maybe it could
be an issue in pkg-php-tools that missed the baseinstalldir= feature,
but I'm not sure. Anyways, if you could have a look and let me know what
you think, the Git repo is here:

git clone ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-php/php-xml-parser.git

with the usual branches:
- debian-sid
- upstream-sid
- debian-{squeeze,wheezy}
- upstream-{squeeze,wheezy}

Obviously, just checkout debian-sid and upstream-sid, the debian-sid
branch has a debian/gbp.conf to select the correct branches when
building in ../build-area, so just use that.

If you could help, that'd be cool!


Thomas Goirand

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