[pkg-php-pear] [RFS] -- php-pager

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Wed Jun 13 10:32:32 UTC 2012

On 06/12/2012 08:47 PM, Luis Uribe wrote:
> (CC'ing pkg-php-pear at lists.a.d.o in case somebody is interested in the
> package)
> Hi Thomas,
> I just upload a new version of php-pager to it's [1]git repository, it fixes 
> one bug and switches to php-pkg-tools. Perhaps you could check it and
> sponsor it?
> (I'm also a DM, in case you consider that the DM-Upload-Allowed: field
> coulb be set for this package)

Hi Luis,

It's a real pleasure to see that you're contributing to the PEAR effort,
and that I'm not the only one working on it.

Have you noticed that my "debpear" package has been accepted in SID?
It's going to be a time saver if we need to do more PEAR packages! :)
FYI, it's to be used like this:

debpear -p Name_OfPearPackage

it downloads, creates and build a Debian package just out of this. And
the result is a ready to install package in "build-area". Add the -i
option, and the package is already installed. If you have ideas on how
to add support for alternative channels (eg: anything else than
pear.php.net), let me know.

I do think that you should add the DM-Upload-Allowed! You've already
proven to be very capable already. Please feel free to add this to the
git repository on Alioth to prepare the next upload of the package.

Here's a quick review of the package:
1/ debian/control:
There's no need for a final dot in debian/control

2/ debian/copyright:
Are you sure that you want your packaging work to be more restrictive
than the package itself? I think it'd be best to adopt the BSD license
for your packaging work too (not mandatory, but IMO a way better).

Also, please add upstream email addresses in debian/copyright. They are
available in the package.xml!

And when I'm at it, Charles Fry should be listed in debian/copyright
from 2005 to 2007, and you from 2011 to 2012.

Then I had a look into the files of Pager, and I could see that the
package is using BSD-3-clauses, and BSD-2-clauses as you listed in

3/ I don't understand why you are patching the unit tests files. It's
using "simpletest" from http://www.lastcraft.com/simple_test.php, which
isn't available in Debian. What's the point then?

Since we are supposed to work as a team, and in order to do things
faster, I have fixed 1/ and 2/, plus added a debian/gbp.conf, uploaded
these changes to the Alioth git repo (please pull from it), then built
and uploaded the resulting package as a sponsored package (eg: keeping
your name in the changelog). Please consider fixing point 3/ right now
on Alioth so that it's ok for the next upload.

Thanks for your work and contribution to Debian,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

P.S: Are you coming to Debconf 12? I'll be there from 2nd to the 15th.
Sorry if I already asked and didn't remember your answer.

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