[pkg-php-pear] Co-maintainers for phpCAS interested ? - Was: Re: Updating the packaging bits for phpCAS 1.3.1

Olivier Berger olivier.berger at it-sudparis.eu
Wed Jun 13 17:41:47 UTC 2012


I've prepared in :

an updated packaging for phpCAS (see also RFP #495542).

phpCAS can be managed as a PEAR package for some time, so I've started
over previous packaging attemps, using debpear.

I've tried and branch off upstream's git in order to be able to use

I'd appreciate some review, and potential merge requests in order to try
and upload it soon in time for wheezy.

Hope you'll find this interesting.

Best regards,

P.S.: next, I'll try and use it to reintroduce fusionforge's authcas
plugin in the archive.

Olivier Berger <olivier.berger at it-sudparis.eu> writes:

> On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 06:50:37PM +0100, Olivier Berger wrote:
>> Unfortunately, I have not any more interest in packaging phpCAS at the moment, but I hope someone can take over.
> It seems my interest it a bit stronger these days, so I've attempted to update the packaging based on current 1.3.1 upstream.
> I've started to push some changes to allow rebuilding it inside the svn-buildpackage tree, using dpkg-buildpackage, provided one has extracted the upstram tarball.
> I intend to get rid of svn-buildpackage and eventually use git-buildpackage.
> In the meantime, the result is in http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=users/obergix/phpcas.git
> Hope this helps

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