[pkg-php-pear] pkg-php-tools hosted in the horde project, plus a small patch

Mathieu Parent (Debian) sathieu at debian.org
Mon May 7 09:58:14 UTC 2012

2012/4/26 Thomas Goirand <thomas at goirand.fr>:
> Hi Mathieu,

Hi Thomas,

> I've noticed that pkg-php-tools is hosted at:
> git://git.debian.org/pkg-horde/pkg-php-tools.git
> this doesn't make sense, if we are to use pkg-php-tools for all the PEAR
> packages in Debian. It needs to be editable by all members of the
> PKG-PEAR team, and not by the ones caring about horde (which I
> personally don't care about anymore).

Yes, I did'nt have access to the pkg-php repo at this time (I have not
tested today)

> So I was wondering, could you move the Git repository to /git/pkg-php
> instead of /git/pkg-horde?

I agree. you can move/clone it yourself, given my lack of time (I'm
afraid I won't have enough time before freeze).

> Also, I've attached a small patch to remove warnings in some cases of
> package.xml that were not handled by one of your script. Please apply it
> to your Git repository, and eventually, comment on it if you think it's
> wrong (it seemed to be working for me though...).

Apply it and NMU ; or add yourself to uploaders (you are already the
most frequent user ;-).

Mathieu Parent

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