[pkg-php-pear] Upload of PHPUnit dependencies

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Thu May 10 17:15:13 UTC 2012

Dear FTP-Masters,

This is a quick email to let you know about our work and the background
behind recent uploads, to make you understand relations between
packages. I have uploaded:
- php-codecoverage
- php-symfony-yaml
- php-invoker
- phpunit-mock-object
- phpunit-selenium
- phpunit-story

These are all (appart from php-symfony-yaml) coming from pear.phpunit.de.

These are the dependencies of PHPUnit, which is a unit testing
framework, used in many PEAR packages, and in PHP itself. The obvious
goal here is to improve the quality of our packages, and especially to
enable unit testing at build time for the packages that include such
unit tests.

Once we have the above accepted, we will upload PHPUnit 3.6.10 itself.
PHPUnit is currently broken in SID because of the lack of the above
dependencies and because it has been unmaintained (the PHP PKG PEAR team
is adopting it). It doesn't make sense to upload it it before the above
are accepted in SID, even though the package is currently ready in our Git.

Last, please note that I well know that php-codecoverage isn't in
perfect shape, so after it is accepted, I will upload an update which is
currently sitting on our Git (in /git/pkg-php on Alioth).

I believe we took care of checking authorship and licenses, and I hope
Luis and I didn't forget any author.

We are really looking forward to have these accepted, so we can start
the more interesting work of running unit tests at package build. ;)
The issue being that if Wheezy freeze in June, we don't have much time
to work on this QA work, which I believe is important, especially
considering the switch to PHP 5.4. So I really hope that we will soon
have someone from the FTP-Master team taking care of our packages.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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