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Paul van Tilburg paulvt at debian.org
Thu May 24 19:40:14 UTC 2012

Hey all,

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 05:05:22PM +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> I would like to know why the php-mdb2-driver-sqlite has been removed
> from Debian SID and testing. It seems to still be a valid candidate, and
> the people working on packaging "owncloud" in Debian needs it.
> Would you agree that I take over the maintenance and re-package it?
> On the changes it would need: [...]
> I've heard from Paul Van Tilburg that the reason of the removal was
> support for SQLite in PHP. However, only the support for SQLite 2 went
> away, and php-mdb2-driver-sqlite seems to be using SQLite 3, which is
> AFAIK still supported (using php5-sqlite).
> Thoughts?

So, I think some things might've been confused a bit here.  I am so
sorry.  I think that php-mdb2-driver-sqlite might've been rightfully
removed -- I cannot be sure -- because it uses/used SQlite 2.x or

I knew that ownCloud depends on (and also ships) the MDB2 SQLite3
driver, i.e. it contains MDB2/Driver/sqlite3.php and related files. 
It wasn't until today that I found out that it was written by someone
that works on ownCloud and is thus a separate, different MDB2 driver.
There also doesn't seem to exist one outside the ownCloud source.
They do not release it separately.

Thomas, I am sorry we have bothered you about this depend.  However, I
think it's nice to have SQLite support in Wheezy regardless!  :)
Secondly, we should ask ownCloud to release the MDB2 SQlite3 driver
seperately so we can package it also as such.  From what I can see
on the web, people are really looking for some MDB2 SQLite3 things.


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