[pkg-php-pear] Comments regarding pear-guzzle-channel_0~20130629-1_amd64.changes

Joerg Jaspert ftpmaster at ftp-master.debian.org
Thu Aug 8 23:10:52 UTC 2013

Hi Maintainer,

seriously - what the [insert something here]?
Do we really require a whole package for a 817 bytes file?
You add multiple tens of kilobytes to the index files for our archive,
and as such to all mirrors and all users systems. The debian/ is 4
times as large as the content of the package with it.
Isn't there *any* other package this could fit in too?

Also, what does it do? It seems to "register a pear channel", whatever
that does, but a quick google tells me that this can be done by a "pear
-D auto_discover=1 install guzzlephp.org/pear/guzzle" or maybe "pear
channel-discover guzzlephp.org/pear" too. (I may be
wrong, I have nothing with php nor pear).

bye Joerg

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