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Vincent Bernat bernat at debian.org
Thu Aug 15 08:51:49 UTC 2013

 ❦ 15 août 2013 05:47 CEST, Prach Pongpanich <prachpub at gmail.com> :

>> I have discussed this with Thomas and it seems to agree that the
>> description should be used only if it is nice. I didn't know about the
>> lintian check. I will discuss this with him again and maybe propose a
>> patch to change the wording in lintian.
> I guess that you discussed with Thomas at the Debconf (I see you in a
> video). :)

Hope I wasn't sleeping ;-)

> Maybe you discuss with Mathieu Parent about the lintian check[1].

It does not seem to be at Debconf.
 /* Thanks to Rob `CmdrTaco' Malda for not influencing this code in any
  * way.
        2.4.3 linux/net/core/netfilter.c
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