[pkg-php-pear] Bug#714173: ITP: php-symfony-process -- Symfony PHP Framework - Process component

andrea rota a at xelera.eu
Tue Jul 2 15:42:44 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jul 02, 2013 at 10:57:26AM -0400, David Prévot wrote:
> By the way, I just pushed another change into
> php-symfony-eventdispatcher.git that should help reducing the delta
> between php-symfony-* packages and ease their maintenance, please
> consider doing the same (or comment about why you don’t think it’s a
> good idea):
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-php/php-symfony-eventdispatcher.git;a=commitdiff;h=1064944657b4198ff3b1f93676142c031b71c198

looks very handy to me - i have applied it to php-symfony-process.

> > i have added yourself as uploader (not sure who should
> > normally be in that field for sponsored packages)
> I don’t know how other people in the team feel about it, but I
> personally rather not be mentioned as uploader of a package I’ve not
> directly worked on and don’t intend to (and so, keep on the first part
> of my QA page [1] only packages I do actually maintain in the long run).
> So, I’ve removed myself from there (but that doesn’t mean I don’t care
> about the package, just that I prefer to follow it as a team effort [2],
> and given I also put my finger in that -symfony- world, you can probably
> count on me for future sponsoring).
> 	1: http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=taffit
> 	2:
> http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=pkg-php-pear@lists.alioth.debian.org

sure, i understand. i'll do the same for the other symfony packages i'm

any specific suggestions from DDs on the list are welcome - i think i
have seen different Uploaders: arrangements in a few sponsored packages,
so i'm happy to follow whatever practices are preferred by the group


andrea rota

Xelera - IT infrastructures
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