[pkg-php-pear] composer and debian

andrea rota a at xelera.eu
Mon Jun 24 11:44:05 UTC 2013

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 12:41:32PM +0200, Mathieu Parent wrote:
> > so i'm not sure how to best 'translate' all this into the actual
> > packaging: i imagine src/, bin/ and doc/ from upstream can be easily
> > dealt with through dh_install, but i am unsure about the vendor/ folder
> > that gets created by ``php composer.phar install``: should i just *not*
> > invoke this in debian/rules (which requires a 'bootstrap' composer.phar
> > to be downloaded to a tmp dir or to be included as patch into the source
> > package) and package all the dependencies separately if not already in
> > Debian, and let dh_phpcomposer list them as dependencies in composer's
> > own debian/control?
> Yes, just start with "*not*" running 'php composer.phar install' , and
> see how it goes. Are all the deps already packaged?

ok - without running composer's own install, and using dh_install*, i
get a sane-ish tree in the resulting deb package; i think i now need to
patch composer's bootstrap code to make it look for libraries in
/usr/share/php/* and package the dependencies not yet in Debian; not
counting the dev-depends which shouldn't be needed here, there are just
five, all without further runtime dependencies:

- justinrainbow/json-schema
- seld/jsonlint (http://github.com/Seldaek/jsonlint)
- symfony/console (https://github.com/symfony/Console)
- symfony/finder https://github.com/symfony/Finder)
- symfony/process (https://github.com/symfony/Process)

Unless i've missed them, all need to be packaged first.

At a quick look, none of the upstream repos includes a package.xml file
(they all seem to use composer for distribution) so i guess i won't be
able to use dh_phppear for them?

If so, at least to bootstrap these packages, is it best to use
dh_install* helpers to assemble the Debian tree, or is there a better

> Also, can you prepare the package on a publicly available repo (like
> git.debian.org) to ease review?

sure - re: git.debian.org, do i need to apply for access via

or i can start pushing to gitorious.org for the time being.


andrea rota

Xelera - IT infrastructures
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