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andrea rota a at xelera.eu
Wed Jun 26 18:54:05 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 11:00:48AM +0200, Mathieu Parent wrote:
> Some quick remarks (don't hesitate to ask if it's too quick and you
> don't understand):
> - Can you move it to pkg-php?

moved to pkg-php -

gitweb is complaining about missing tree
do i need to create a master branch, or do i set the default tree
somewhere else?

> - control's Vcs-* fields should point to the packaging repo (and not
> the upstream repo)

ok, this is done

> - Have you run lintian on it? It seems long desc is probably too
> short. You should explain what symfoy is here.

thanks - i have expanded this a bit (and manually filled in the short
desc in order not to have the phpcomposer placeholder until dpkg-dev
correctly handles this).

the other lintian warning i see now is wrong-name-for-upstream-changelog
(usr/share/doc/php-symfony-process/CHANGELOG.md): i understand the issue
but i'm not sure how to best deal with this without having to rename the
file to changelog every time i pull a new release tag from upstream: as
far as i understand, debian/<package>.docs does not support 'renaming'
files - is the only manageable option renaming the upstream CHANGELOG.md
file? i imagine that creating a symlink to it in the debian-sid branch
won't work (i.e. dh_installdocs will copy a (broken) symlink to

> - Can you fill an ITP and add it to changelog?

ok, this is done, and referenced in changelog

> - the tests should probably be installed

you're right - there's no reason why they shouldn't be there: they are
now copied to the appropriate directory. however i don't have any
experience with phpunit so i'm not sure how to best test that they are
working the way they are supposed to be - any help welcome.

if helpful, i have dput the most recent version to mentors.d.o:

> > You can see a example from the php-symfony2-yaml [1],
> THis one is a PEAR package and not a Composer package.
> > I'm glad to help with these.
> >
> > - php-symfony2-console
> > - php-symfony2-finder
> > - php-symfony2-process
> according to composer naming scheme, it is php-symfony-* and no php-symfony2-*.

that's correct, however i think there is some confusion upstream: they
use symfony/<component> on github and this is what is used as component
name in composer, whereas the current PEAR channel for Symfony2
(http://pear.symfony.com/) uses symfony2/<component> for the PEAR modules.

not an issue per se, but i wonder if this might generate confusion in
Debian if packages end up being named according to the naming scheme of
the upstream source (composer or PEAR).

Were it not for the fact that there are a couple of older symfony
v1-related packages in the Debian archives, i would think that perhaps
agreeing on either of the naming schemes for the Debian package names,
using the other one in a Provides: field could help, but i haven't got a
deep understanding of the Provides: field scenarios :)

anyways, i'm going to proceed with the other four dependencies for
composer and then to composer itself - any feedback is very welcome,
including on any issues with my git workflow/branches etc. (i have tried
to follow http://wiki.debian.org/PHP/GitUsage but i may have missed


andrea rota

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