[pkg-php-pear] ITP: php-json-schema -- PHP implementation of JSON schema

andrea rota a at xelera.eu
Wed Jun 26 22:08:24 UTC 2013

i have pushed an initial version of the package to

in this case i did not include the tests for the moment (and noted this
in debian/TODO) as they require (via composer's require-dev) further
composer packages not yet packaged in Debian.

i have also uploaded the .dsc file here:

i had trouble with git-buildpackage on the first build attempt: invoking
git-buildpackage only would fail with a git error:

gbp:debug: ['git', 'ls-tree', 'upstream/1.3.2']
gbp:error: upstream/1.3.2 is not a valid treeish

(in fact, the ref was listed correctly via git ls-tree 1.3.2, not via
git ls-tree upstream/1.3.2 in my working dir)

however, after building the package once with
git-buildpackage --git-upstream-tree=1.3.2
i can now build the package with
only, on the same machine (couldn't try on a different VM yet) - i'm not
sure why this is and how to correctly inform git-buildpackage of which
ref to look for initially.


andrea rota

Xelera - IT infrastructures
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