[pkg-php-pear] ITP: php-symfony-process -- Symfony PHP Framework - Process component

Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 09:20:27 UTC 2013

2013/6/28 Thomas Goirand <zigo at debian.org>:
> On 06/28/2013 10:57 AM, David Prévot wrote:
>>> Last, and that's the most important bit that *must* be fixed before
>>> upload, the resulting package doesn't depend on pear-symfony-channel.
>> Thomas, this is not a PEAR package, but a Composer one, so maybe those
>> advices are erroneous.
>> Regards
>> David
> What we call a PEAR package isn't just the packages coming from
> pear.php.net, but absolutely all packages that may be installed using
> the "pear install" command. This includes as well for example packages
> from pear.phpunit.de, the ones from the AWS channels, etc.
> I'm convince that we do need php-pear dependencies, and the
> ${phppear:Debian-Depends}, ${phppear:Debian-Recommends} and
> ${phppear:Debian-Breaks}. Maybe Mathieu can write about it (since he is
> the main author of pkg-php-tools).

Those are composer packages. So the correct substvars are explained there:

> It would be nice to enhance "debpear" so that it could create packages
> automatically form a channel which wouldn't be pear.php.net. This would
> be a real time saver (only debian/control and debian/copyright should
> then be edited so that the packages would be in a good shape for upload).

Also, COmposer support for debpear would be good.

> Another thing: I have noticed that what is used as upstream source is
> quite wrong for all packages. They should all be coming from
> http://pear.symfony.com/. In there, you will find packages the way they
> should: including a package.xml, so that we can use the PEAR things to
> get them installed, have a registry file, manage dependencies
> automatically, etc. Missing the package.xml is simply wrong, IMO.

Again, those are not PEAR pkg.

> The way things have been done using the Git repository from github isn't
> correct (unless you find a way to generate the package.xml file and put
> the source in the correct <project-version> folder, which will be
> annoying to do), and should be IMO replaced by the tarball from the
> above URL. This way, it would still be possible for our users to do
> "pear install" from the symfony 2 channel.
> Also, note that while http://pear.symfony.com/ holds all symfony 2 PEAR
> packages, http://pear.symfony-project.com/ has the symfony 1 (also
> called "legacy"). The 2 shouldn't be confused (it really is, confusing).

Only BrowserKit was updated recenty, the other packages are from 2011.
SYmfony is now installed with composer.



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