[pkg-php-pear] ITP: php-symfony-process -- Symfony PHP Framework - Process component

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Fri Jun 28 18:35:15 UTC 2013

On 06/29/2013 12:28 AM, andrea rota wrote:
> i personally find it easier to read the
> generic Symfony framework description first and the component's
> description second

This has nothing to do with preference, but with the standards we have
in Debian. I always saw things in the order I am vouching for.

> having followed this part of the thread between yourself and Mathieu, i
> have left the phpcomposer substvars in place and have *not* added any
> phppear ones.
> Mathieu, you mentioned that the Symfony PEAR channel is out of date -
> however, as Thomas pointed out, somehow confusingly there are two
> distinct ones at different domains, and http://pear.symfony.com/ seems
> indeed indeed up to date to me, with all components up to version 2.3.1.

Yeah, the other one was from Symfony 1, and they created another one for
Symfony 2...

> however, to add to the confusion, upstream's PEAR packages use symfony2
> as part of the package name, whereas upstream's composer.json data use
> symfony. unless i'm missing something, Debian packages for these
> Symfony(2) components could be generated either via phpcomposer or
> phppear, although this needs to be done consistently (which is easy
> since we're just starting and there aren't that many components).

Please use stuff from PEAR channels. Otherwise it's not called a PEAR
package! :P

> i assume upstream provide both distribution methods for different use
> cases (PEAR for system-wide installs, composer for in-project-folder
> installs).
> other than this, i think php-symfony-process should be in rather good
> shape by now:
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-php/php-symfony-process.git;a=summary

I don't agree that it's in good shape. I think I have to insist here.
Your package should:
- depend on pear-symfony-channel (by the way, should it have been
- depend on php-pear
- contain a .reg for the PEAR package

as for every other PEAR package...

Currently, you fail to respect these essentials rules for a PEAR
package, which means that the "process" Symfony package will appear as
not installed when doing "pear list" for the symfony channel. Eg:

For example:
# pear config-set default_channel symfony2
config-set succeeded
# pear list
Installed packages, channel pear.symfony.com:
Package Version State
Yaml    2.2.1   stable

When I install your package, it should show here. It's not the case!

Please use the upstream tarball from here and not Git:

so that you can use the package.xml from the tarball, and do a "normal"
pear packaging. I don't even understand why something had to be done for
phpcomposer. Maybe you can explain?

and add the necessary ${phppear:Debian-Depends},
${phppear:Debian-Recommends} and ${phppear:Debian-Breaks} as I suggested.



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