[pkg-php-pear] Bug#714173: Bug#714173: ITP: php-symfony-process -- Symfony PHP Framework - Process component

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Sat Jun 29 21:20:22 UTC 2013

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[ Dropping the ITP, not sure all this discussion needs to also be
registered there ]

Le 29/06/2013 16:31, andrea rota a écrit :
> On Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 04:15:55PM -0400, David Prévot wrote:
> [...]
>>> i have used the existing naming scheme for this Debian package
>>> (php-symfony2-<component), however this will clash with substvars
>>> generated
>> Why bother with the spurious “2”, isn’t it installed into
>> /usr/share/php/Symfony/$Component/ anyway?

> if i'm not wrong, the bits of legacy Symfony (v1.x) currently in
> Debian are:
> * pear-symfony-project-channel (rdepends: php-symfony-yaml)
> * php-symfony-yaml (rdepends: phpunit, php-aws-sdk)

I would assume those two are temporary kept for compliance with the
rdepends, but should in due time just ship the content of their
*-symfony2-* equivalent (and then the *-symfony2-* package will become
transitional dummy depending on the real *-symfony-* one before being
removed). It doesn’t look like it has been discuss on this list prior to
their upload (and it looks like the ITP didn’t make it to debian-devel :/).

The upcoming version of php-aws-sdk will not depend any more on
php-symfony-yaml (but indirectly on php-symfony-eventdispatcher
— Symfony2-style — for witch I’m about to submit an ITP).

Don’t hold your breath since the legacy php-aws-sdk rdepends on owncloud
5 (that should soon make it to unstable, and then testing), but I hope
the next owncloud branch will use more “up to date” dependencies (and so
the php-symfony-yaml can be updated to the Symfony2 branch, since I
assume phpunit won’t be a blocker then).

If we are in a hurry, I can introduce the “convenient” embedded copy of
php-symfony-yaml in php-aws-sdk that is already shipped in its source,
just say the word.

> my 0.5 cents would go in favour of using php-symfony-<component> for any
> upcoming packaging of Symfony2 components.

+1 (in case I didn’t managed to make myself clear previously)



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