[pkg-php-pear] Getting rid of pear-*-channel in favor of pear-channels

andrea rota a at xelera.eu
Mon Nov 4 14:26:35 UTC 2013

hi David,

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 03:29:03PM -0400, david at tilapin.org wrote:
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> Hi pear-{aws,horde,phpunit,symfony-project}-channel maintainers,
> pear-channels has just been accepted in the archive, and it Replaces,
> Provides and Conflicts: pear-aws-channel, pear-doctrine-channel,
> pear-guzzle-channel, pear-horde-channel, pear-phpunit-channel,
> pear-symfony-project-channel, pear-symfony2-channel
> The following step will be to update the (build-)dependencies to use
> pear-channels directly, I guess you already maintain most of them so
> that should be easy, lintian (or ?cme check dpkg?) should warn about
> that anyway once the pear-*-channel packages will be gone, and we can
> still propose a MBF later to get rid of the remaining (build-)dependencies.

thanks for consolidating the various PEAR channels into pear-channels; i
have just pushed to git.debian.org updated versions of
php-symfony-console (2.3.6+dfsg-1), php-symfony-finder (2.3.6-1) and
php-symfony-process (2.3.6-1) which include the Build-Depends: change,
bring in the current stable upstream version and include a couple of
packaging improvements as suggested earlier this year.

If you have time to check these updated versions and upload them if
fine, that would be great.

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