[pkg-php-pear] Creating a PHP PECL team

Lior Kaplan kaplan at debian.org
Wed Oct 2 09:23:58 UTC 2013


I want to share an idea, and see if there are any supports (or objections)
for it.

While we try to reduce the load of the PHP team, and move non core PHP
packages to the PEAR team, I think we've mixed too much in one team.

I would like to split the PHP extensions, mainly coming from PECL, to a
separate team. The reason is to split arch:any packages which are effected
by PHP transitions (e.g. the 5.4 support patches) to arch:all packages
which just need PHP to work.

The other reason to the creation of a different team than the PHP
maintainers is to allow focusing on PHP itself (reducing mails and bug
report). The amount of PHP extensions, and their quick updates create
"noise" which is not always relevant for PHP itself.

Thoughts? Comments?

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