[pkg-php-pear] Requesting project membership

Gunnar Wolf gwolf at gwolf.org
Thu Oct 31 18:46:27 UTC 2013


Ok, this is a bit confusing — I requested joining the Alioth project
which contains both pkg-php-maint and pkg-php-pear. I requested
membership in the pkg-php-maint list, but was bounced over to this
list, as it matches my intended work.

So, repeating the reasoning:

I am a pest of a DD who tries to be careful of his actions, but often
fails. Some of you might sadly already be acquinted with my
involvement in Debian.

The reason for me requesting to join this group is because I am
preparing a backport for Wheezy of Owncloud, and I need to upload
several PHP modules as well.

I have been preparing this work based on anonymous Git clones, but I
would very much prefer having it integrated in the main trees (under a
"bpo70" branch).

So, please be nice to me and approve my humble request :-}

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