[pkg-php-pear] Build failure with phpunit 4 (Was: Bug#744876: Status of phpunit 4)

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Wed Oct 1 22:48:53 UTC 2014


Le 01/10/2014 04:14, Prach Pongpanich a écrit :

> Fails 15:
>     http://linux.sut.ac.th/~prach/build-logs/01-oct-2014/fails.txt

FYI, investigated three failures today:
- phpseclib is a false positive (fails to build with php-codesniffer
                                 from experimental)
- phpunit-environment fixed and uploaded
- php-crypt-blowfish needs more investigation

Please note there is always an “easy fix”: drop running the testsuite at
build time, but I’d rather not go that way (those tests are valuable).
Still, if we end up with a pair of stuff we don’t manage to fix, maybe
dropping some tests should be more interesting than shipping an outdated
version of PHPUnit in Jessie. (I guess we may all agree on that, just
stating it so it’s said, and if that view is not shared, people may be
able to offer another one.)

In the mean time, it may be nice to track the current status, would a
wiki page be worth it (extra points if someone replies “yay, it’s there:
<https://wiki.debian.org/…>” ;-).


David (a bit swamped in dayjob these days, but hopefully still able to
continue investigation in at least “his” packages in a timely manner)

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