[pkg-php-pear] What’s next? (was: src:symfony status)

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Wed Oct 15 20:23:20 UTC 2014


Le 15/10/2014 07:45, Daniel Beyer a écrit :

> I once again rebuild it and run DEP-8 test and all seems to be fine.
> Thus it would be great if you could upload 2.3.20+dfsg-1 later on.

It should be in incoming now. In case nothing too wrong happens, we
should “just“ have to stay alert in order to react quickly to security
fixes (the only thing that makes me nervous with this big package ;).

Daniel, IIRC, your initial interest was about Silex, so I guess you’ll
soon (re)dive into it, but do not hesitate to document the missing
(build-)dependency for Symfony 2.5 (or Silex) when you’ll look into it,
I’d be happy to prepare some of them if you wish. (We may upload the
latest Symfony version into experimental as soon as it’s ready ;-).

On my side, I’ll follow your lead and will look into packaging
ZendFramework 2 as a big source with multiple binaries (I guess I’ll
start during the freeze once there won’t be much more I can do for the
release), and will also upload it to experimental once ready.



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