[pkg-php-pear] Let's reconsider the way Symfony2 Components are packaged for Debian

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Mon Sep 8 17:50:26 UTC 2014


Le 08/09/2014 10:04, David Prévot a écrit :
> FWIW, I reviewed Component/[B-I] yesterday, and hope to do more today
> (and if someone else intends to looks into Bridge or Bundle today,
> please, say so).

I’m almost done with Component now, so I should review Bridge and Bundle
this afternoon (in my TZ ;).

> Some remarks (in no particular order) that crossed my mind while
> reviewing (some may be stupid: I haven’t yet rebuild or looked closely
> at the package, apologies if they are):

I may push some fixes along those lines if I feel they make sense after
actually diving into the packaging (if you haven’t answer or fixed them
until there, of course). Is it OK if I push them to master, or do you
prefer in separate branch(es) for review? Stuff can always be reverted
if you disagree anyway.



P.-S.: I’m happy to do my best in order to help uploading this package
in shape ASAP, but realize that it’s really late regarding the upcoming
freeze. We should thus get prepared to be disappointed in case
ftpmasters do not have time to process it in time (and I’m happy to try
and bribe them after a few weeks if possible, but still, it’s late).

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