[pkg-php-pear] Updating php-code-coverage (was: Status of phpunit 4)

"David Prévot" david at tilapin.org
Wed Sep 10 16:14:24 UTC 2014


> Le 08/09/2014 04:07, Prach Pongpanich a écrit :

>> Your help is welcome. the php-code-coverage need upgarde to ~2.0
>> (require libjs-twitter-bootstrap 3.x).
> I'll look into it before the end of the week if nobody beats me to it

I’ve not a clear view of the PHPUnit stack so let me ask before doing
something stupid.

- the php-code-coverage version 1 package currently gets installed in
/usr/share/php/PHP/CodeCoverage, but it looks like the version 2 is
expected to be installed directly in /usr/share/php/CodeCoverage (without
PHP). Can you please confirm that the proposed new path is OK (i.e., is it
where PHPUnit actually expects it, or should we conservatively install it
in the same path as the version 1)?

Some other remarks:
- in order to not break its reverse dependency (phpunit), the version 2
should be uploaded to experimental for the time being.
- the testsuite of php-code-coverage requires PHPUnit 4, so I intend to
simply not activate it instead of patching out stuff just for now;



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