[pkg-php-pear] (pkg-php-tools integration of) class loader in Composer packages

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Thu Apr 2 21:33:59 UTC 2015


Le 02/04/2015 07:46, Mathieu Parent a écrit :
> 2015-04-01 23:50 GMT+02:00 "David Prévot" <david at tilapin.org>:

>> I’ve recently been providing autoload.php files in the PHP (Composer)
>> packages I’m currently maintaining (following Prach lead IIRC).
>> It mostly workarounds the lack of proper autoloader from Composer,
>> In order to do so, a simple phpab call is enough if […]

> Thanks for this info. I will welcome a patch to pkg-php-tools to
> handle this automaticaly (i.e create the proper autoload.php).

Sure, I’d very much like that. The current phpab approach needs too
often a bit of specific handling to be usable automatically everywhere
IMHO, I hope Composer will offer us a more generic usage (yet I don’t
know yet how to integrate it properly, maybe we’ll have to provide the
composer.json file with binary packages (as package.xml is provided in
/u/s/doc/ for PEAR packages), and handle the autoload generation via a
postinst hook, but I don’t know yet how (or even if it will possible) to
handle that (keeping in mind we don’t reproduce in /u/s/php/ the same
structure as usually expected by Composer).

> PS: I'm a bit behind currently and my TODO list is growing, feel free
> propose and commit to git.

I hope we’ll find a way soon enough in the Stretch release cycle to
begin wide experimentation. I’ll follow up with ideas and/or code once I
know better (and welcome other points of view, proofs of concept, or
other approach too, I just honestly don’t know where to start, even if I
try to think about it for a little while now).



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