[pkg-php-pear] pkg-php-tools for 7.0 in master-7.0 branch and bootstrapping PEAR packaging

Ondřej Surý ondrej at sury.org
Tue Dec 29 08:00:53 UTC 2015


the first thing: I prepared 1.32~exp1 pkg-php-tools (mostly replacing
php5 with php, but also some other little changes needed to run under
7.0) in master-7.0 branch in the git. It currently needs
src:php-defaults to fall through NEW.

the bigger second thing:

some PEAR packages are currently unboostrapable as they have circular
build-dependencies, f.e.:

phpunit build-depends on php-codecoverage
php-codecoverage build-depends on phpunit 

Most probably, there will be more than just these two, so either we will
have to tackle these manually, or I can prepare transitional packages
from src:php5 that will just depend 1:1 on src:php-defaults.

There's one thing I would like to avoid -> automatic transition from
/etc/php5/ config files to /etc/php/7.0/, as there are just too many
things that might break (custom config files, etc.).

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